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Meet the Maker: Twindles Candle Company

Abby MannComment

I love discovering handmade items from all types of small businesses throughout a variety of locations within the US, but it is always a special treat to discover fellow Maryland makers! Twindles Candle Company is run by Lori and her husband in Frederick, MD. I discovered their shop on a gloomy and rainy Saturday during a falls festival where we were both set up as vendors. It wasn't a great day for selling gifts, but it served to be a great introduction for a small business relationship!

Their fragrant hand poured soy candles offer a wonderful smell that isn't overpowering. Candles are available in three convenient sizes. Two and six ounce metal tins with matching lids are great for sampling a particular fragrance or freshening up a small space. Their larger tumblers are perfect for adding ambience to any event or home. Their variety of scents offer something for everyone including their own unique line for the fellas called Mantorch.

Here is their story!

1. Tell me a bit about your shop, and what inspired you to start Twindles?

My journey as a small business owner/entrepreneur all started with my artwork. I've always enjoyed creating all types of art and decided to show/sell my artwork at a local farmers market in Florida. Although I was successful in selling my art, I also became interested in crafts and decided I wanted to create a candle that was unique and smelled amazing. I spent the next couple of years experimenting with different waxes, containers, wicks, and fragrances. After two years of testing, I finally managed to create our all natural soy candle that burns clean and smells amazing.

After my father retired, he decided to join me on the weekends at the farmers market and we worked together selling candles, art and some bath and body products for several years. We took a break when I decided to return to school for an education degree and not long after, I found out I was pregnant with twins.

After relocating to MD in 2014 and having some extra time in the evenings, my husband and I relaunched the candle company and was inspired by our boys so we renamed our business "Twindles Candle Company".  In addition we added a product line geared towards men called Mantorch.

We absolutely love making all natural soy candles and we hope to continue to grow and expand our family business. We are currently selling our products online and in 6 retail locations

2. Don't divulge all your trade secrets, but tell us about the candle making process. How are yours one of a kind?

We currently make our candles in our home. We mostly work in the evenings after our boys have gone to bed. We use all natural soy wax with no additives. We also use paper core wicks and phthalate free fragrances. I create all of our designs and print our labels at home.

3. What helps you work or stay organized?

We are learning as we go but it takes a lot of work trying to balance taking care of our boys and running the family business. I often work while the boys are in school and typically use that time to visit the retail locations or run to the grocery store! I often use the evening hours making the candles, designing the labels, researching events, posting on social media and updating the website.

4. What is your favorite local activity?

We haven't lived in Frederick for very long so we love driving around and touring the different towns. One of our favorite activities is attending the fairs and shows throughout the year. 

5. What do you love about the small business community and shopping small?

Maryland has such a wonderful small business community. The towns and businesses present many opportunities for local and handmade arts & crafts. We have been fortunate to meet and network with many other small business owners.