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Meet the Maker: Ashwood Estates

Abby MannComment

Based out of East Nashville, TN Ashwood Estates mixes up holistic apothecary products for the home, body, baby, and pet care. The founder & formulator behind these lovely natural products is Bari Miley. She takes great care to use high quality essential oils and organic ingredients in every one of her hand crafted items.


Here is what Bari told us about her special shop when we chatted.

Tell me a bit about your shop, and what inspired you to start Ashwood Estates?

We are a small business located in Nashville, TN. Our line features items for bath, body, home, baby, and pets. The products are organic, essential oil based, and combined with herbs to promote healing and well-being. I was inspired by many things, but my health conscious mother was a major inspiration. Before I was born, she owned a soap shop in Virginia Beach and passed along her love for healing and soothing bath and body products. We also made many trips to St. Lucia where I really connected with nature, healing herbs and coconut oil!

2.Don't divulge all your trade secrets, but tell us about your apothecary making process. How are yous one of a kind?

Our products are hand crafted in small batches using the best of ingredients. We have produced a line with effective blends that address many issues that customers (early on, family and friends) have expressed a desire for.

3. What helps you work or stay organized?

The work part is enjoyable because I love the process of crafting the blends, knowing where the ingredients come from and knowing I’m producing something that will make someone happy and help them, whether it’s a tension headache, sore muscles, congestion, dry skin, or any number of ailments.

4. What is your favorite local activity?

Our home base is East Nashville. I am an animal lover, I advocate and foster and help others to do the same. I enjoy all types of yoga and love hanging out with friends, family, and most of all my husband, Alex and dog, Walter.

5. What do you love about the shop small movement and the small business community?

The world can be so crazy, tense, and negative at times. The Shop Local, Shop Small, and Small Business community is really a wonderful respite from that. People really care about each other and support each other’s endeavors. There is a common bond of, “We’re in this together!” You find yourself surrounded by creative, positive, people who are contributing something and putting their hearts into their work.

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