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Meet the Maker: Cafe Soaps

Abby MannComment

One of the many distinguishing factors about a gift basket from Special Day Crates are the featured products from small shop makers. I love supporting small business, both personally and professionally. Every product is unique, and it is the special stories about their makers that make each item wonderful!

Regularly we will introduce the shop owners and artisans behind the one of kind products that that truly make each gift crate creation special. Welcome to the first Meet The Maker introduction.

Meet Barbara! The owner and dreamer behind Cafe Soaps.

Barbara was one of the first vendors I partnered with when launching Special Day Crates. I was drawn to her soaps as they are a mild blend of aromas using everyday products such as coffee, foods and extracts. They really do form a bar that is yummy for your skin!

Barbara started her shop about a year ago right out of her kitchen. She was crafting soap for a gift set. As for her inspiration she had this to say when we chatted,

"I've always been creative and found inspiration in almost everything I see. It has been naturally easy and enjoyable creating products & aromas that we all know, relate to and love."

Her process involves using familiar moisturizing properties along with premium essential oils, naturally dried fruits and high potency extracts. What really sets a Cafe Soap apart from your average bar are the fresh ground additives & innovative exfoliates. You'll discover coffee grounds & beans in her classic pick me up bars, or ground corn meal with unclaimed sand in a Sandcastle Exfoliate. Barbara creates soaps through her imagination. The pride & quality shows in every handmade bar!

Throughout 2016 Barbara's shop saw nonstop growth. Her products can now be found across the US in Lake Tahoe and international boutiques. As of this December Barbara turned her shop into a family affair. They are now preparing to open a new facility in Fort Myers, FL that will commence production Jan 2017. Barbara has trained a few members in the family who will oversee this new expansion sector.

I wish Barbara and her team the absolute best for a truly prosperous 2017!